New Zealand Ghee(Clarified Butter)

Creamy Goodness from Grass-Fed Cows

Ideal for cooking, frying, or baking; adds richness to dishes. Suitable for high-temperature cooking with a high smoke point.

Packaging Options: Plastic Jars, Glass Jars, Tins, Tubs
Sizes: 250ml to 20 litres.

Pure New Zealand Honey

Nature's Sweetness in Every Jar

Use as a natural sweetener in beverages, desserts, or drizzle over yogurt and fruits.

Packaging Options: Plastic Jars (Round, Hexagon, Square), Glass Jars, Squeezy Bottles
Sizes: 250g to 1kg.

Premium Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

A Culinary Delight with a Mustard Zing

Perfect for Indian cuisine, salads, and marinades. Its distinctive flavor enhances a variety of dishes. High smoke point makes it suitable for frying.

Packaging Options: Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Gallons.
Sizes: 500ml to 5 litres.

New Zealand Milled Wheat Flour

Freshness Packed in Every Bag

Versatile for baking bread, cakes, making Roties, and used as thickning agent in sauces and gravies.

Packaging Options: Bags from 1kg to 10kgs.

Premium Tea Spice & Powdered Spices

Elevate Your Beverage Experience, brew a delightful cup of tea with our spice mix or enhance your culinary creations with our premium powdered spices.

Packaging Options: Pouches from 100gms to 1kg.

Home Style Indian Pickles

Traditional Flavors Preserved in Every Jar

Elevate your meals with these flavorful accompaniments; a perfect side for Indian meals.

Packaging options: Glass Jars
Sizes: 350gms to 440gms.

Premium Organic Jaggery(Natural Sweetener)

Pure Sweetness, Unadulterated Goodness
Ideal for sweetening beverages, desserts, and traditional sweets. Adds a rich, caramel-like flavor.

Packaging options: Pouches, Plastic Jars, Tubs
Sizes: 500gms to 2kgs.

Premium Millet Flour

Nutrient-Rich Flour for Healthy Living

Use in gluten-free baking, chapatis, or as a thickening agent in soups and stews.

Packaging options: Bags from 500gms to 1kg.