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DRS Global Traders

New Zealand’s Finest Export/Import Partner
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Your Global Gateway

DRS Global Traders Bringing the World to You

Our Services

Quality Beyond Borders

At DRS Global Traders Limited, we handle the food importers and exporters of a diverse range of premium food and beverage products. Our vast network ensures access to the best globally-sourced items, allowing you to enjoy exceptional products, no matter where you are. As food and beverage exporters, our commitment is to quality and sustainability

Quality Assurance: Genuine and Guaranteed
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Our commitment to quality is unwavering. As esteemed food importers and exporters, every product we deliver is genuine and guaranteed to meet the highest standards. Rigorous sourcing processes mean we partner only with the best global sources, ensuring confidence in every food export and import.
Efficiency is Key
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Understanding the value of time, our dedicated team ensures timely and efficient order processing, delivering a seamless experience from order placement to your doorstep. As a leading food importer and exporter, we specialize in importing food products with efficiency, ensuring every delivery meets our high standards of quality and speed.
End-to-End Solutions: Your Convenience Matters
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We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your convenience, whether in retail packaging or bulk quantities. As food importers and exporters, our flexible packaging options suit your needs, from farm to table foods to international delicacies. Inquire today for the minimum order quantity.
Export: Bridging Markets Globally
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In the export domain, we specialize in food exports by country, connecting markets globally, bridging the gap between producers and consumers, ensuring efficient delivery of exceptional products. Our expertise as food importers and exporters enables us to navigate complex supply chains, ensuring quality from farm to your doorstep.
Import: Bringing the World to Your Doorstep
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For imports, we bring the world to your doorstep, importing food products from food exporters by country, sourcing a wide variety of quality products globally.
Choose DRS Global Traders Limited: Quality Meets Convenience
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Make DRS Global Traders Limited your partner for quality and convenience. With a commitment to genuine products, efficient services, and global reach, we're ready to meet your food importers and exporters needs. Explore our range and experience excellence in food and beverage exporter services.
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Our Process


Identifying the best quality food products for distribution.


Carefully preparing products for their journey in the air or across the sea.


Arranging and completing all essential paperwork and certification.


Managing the entire shipping process globally.

Our Story

Founded by a visionary couple with deep roots in agriculture, our journey is a seamless blend of familial love for the land and a passion for providing authentic, premium, and high-quality food to the world.

Our Brand

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